We Are

Heart for Lebanon is a faith-based ministry that employs a holistic approach to serving unconditionally the marginalized, rejected and under resourced people in Lebanon, including the increasing number of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Rather unique among the relief work being done in Lebanon is our three-prong approach to care. We provide transactional relief, relational engagement, and transformation.

Transactional relief takes the form of supplemental food & hygiene portion distributions where we are able to address the needs of the whole family, and our H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Educational Programs, that allow our team to address the needs of the at-risk-children living in Lebanon.

Relational engagement is the next component of serving holistically. Once the family has been given practical care in the form of basic goods or an educational opportunity, we work to address the emotional and spiritual needs of the families through regular home visits, monthly spiritual programs and children’s activities building lasting and authentic relationships, helping us to share the love of Christ.

Transformation happens when transactional relief and relational engagement lead people to ask and learn about Jesus Christ transforming individuals and families into a deeper and more long-term level of self-sustainability spiritually.

Heart for Lebanon not only provides for physical, emotional and spiritual needs, we integrate them so that people are better served, working together to achieve our mission of discipleship.