Service Teams


Vision Trips and Service Teams:

Heart for Lebanon eagerly welcomes Vision and Service Teams.  As an extension of the local church we understand the value that a trip to Lebanon can have on individuals and churches. A Vision and Service Team trip can also have a positive impact on organizations.  Lebanon is a wonderful country to visit with dynamic, successful and beautiful people.  Vision Trips and Service Teams add tremendous value to your ministry and ours, when the proper expectations are met.

With the conflict in Syria and Iraq still going on, refugees continue to flood into Lebanon with very little by way of possessions or money. Most refugees in Lebanon live at or below the extreme poverty level.  Clearly the work before us is enormous and more churches, ministries, and organizations are needed to accomplish the work God has for us. It is Heart for Lebanon’s belief that each and every one of us is a vital part of the Kingdom of God and share a common mission – to make disciples.

The Great Commission given to us by Christ Jesus is our mission- to make disciples of all nations and share with them the eternal love and hope found only in Jesus. Simply put, Vision Teams help you understand and see our holistic approach in action and Service Teams help us both build deeper relationships.

Vision Trip
For those who have never been to Lebanon or who are not yet investing with us we offer as a first step in engaging with us Vision Trips.

Our Vision Trips are designed to give Pastors and key mission influencers in your church or organization a good overview of our philosophy, process and outcomes of the ministry God has called us to. A  Vision Trip is designed to help you discern the place God would have you minister within Heart for Lebanon.

If you are interested in learning more about a Vision Trips please contact Tom Atema at

Service Teams
For churches or organizations that are investing with us we offer Service Trips so your members can serve where their church or organization is investing. This process is spelled out more in our Service Team Handbook.

It is our desire that the emphasis be on service and not on the trip. Our desire is for your team to see Lebanon and experience the life of refugees you serve fist hand.  By serving with the people you support each individual on the trip will find a greater place of service in God’s story. We at Heart for Lebanon believe we are all on a journey, therefore we do not take being part of your journey lightly.

We have projects from food packing and distribution, to summer camp activities, helping in Chapel, teaching Bible Studies, children’s activities, and Vacation Bible School (VBS).  If you are invested with us but have never been on a Service Trip please fill out a Service Team application (click here) to get started. (A first time orientation is required once the application has been accepted and approved.)

Our Service Team Handbook is available here for each team leader (click here)