Thank you for visiting our Investor Page. People like you can invest in many ways beyond cash. Prayer is the most powerful way to invest and as you can see below there are many ways to invest. Most people can invest in at least two ways, Prayer and…

Bottom line it takes people to invest into people who have the potential to be developed in there thinking.

Ways to Invest Above and Beyond

Heart for Lebanon believes in partnerships, and this means partnering with us in responsible, sacrificial ways without neglecting your home church.

The best way to go above and beyond personally is by using a spiritual path that leads to responsible stewardship of your financial resources. Lifestyle Stewardship is a term used to describe a level of giving that affects one’s living. The challenge of Lifestyle Stewardship is to find ways, boldly and prayerfully, to let your giving touch your living. As King David stated, “I will not offer to God that which costs me nothing.” (2 Samuel 24:24). David understood that the gift, the investment that would touch the heart of God must first touch the heart and life of the giver, even if it means giving up something of yourself in order to invest more in another.

In light of this, we offer these ways to increase your giving, both to your local place of worship and to Heart for Lebanon.


We believe this is one of the easiest ways to contribute and allows you to be an excellent steward of what God has entrusted to you.


When you donate stock you own, either public or private, to Heart for Lebanon, you avoid paying a capital gains tax. So, a stock that costs you $1,000 will be valued at $5,000. By donating stock to Heart for Lebanon, you avoid paying capital gains tax on the $4,000 that would have been a gain if you sold the stock outright. If you have held the stock for more than one year, you will receive a charitable tax deduction for the full current value of the stock donated ($5,000).


You can also donate real estate that you inherited or purchased. If you owned the property for more than one year, donating it would allow you to receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value of the property. For example, donating a rental property that has depreciated to a low tax base means you will avoid a capital gains tax and receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the property you donated.


Establishing a charitable remainder trust with stock or real estate is another way to give to Heart for Lebanon. This type of trust allows you to receive lifetime income while making a significant gift. There are significant tax advantages to this type of trust and careful planning is needed. Assistance in planning and creating this type of trust is available.


Many people receive bonuses or raises from their employers and the temptation we all have is to increase our way of living to fit that higher income. Or, you may have benefited from an unexpected inheritance or cash gift from family. Practicing the Lifestyle Stewardship model is an alternative. Increasing your giving to the work of Heart for Lebanon can profoundly make an impact.


Every case is different and an “excess” in your income or assets is unique to you. Whether you’re a young man who decides to sell valuable collector’s baseball cards or a couple saving for a second/vacation home, when your heart or conscience is moved, it’s moved. An excess that doesn’t radically change your life can make an enormous difference in the lives of others.


Families often have significant short-term expenditures for special needs and when these short term commitments expire, money can be redirected for a new priority. For instance, families save strategically and intentionally for college tuition, a child’s braces or a car payment and they adjust their lifestyle expenses accordingly. Once those goals are achieved, we hope families will funnel those funds to Heart for Lebanon. Another example is the cash flow that is freed up when a loan has been paid. We encourage everyone to give to a church campaign or to us so that a  difference in someone’s basic living situation can happen.


Many families have chosen to rearrange their priorities and give up something in order to give more to ministry. Priority budgeting may mean postposing a planned expenditure such as a car, home remodeling or other major purchases.

In reviewing these suggested ways to give, please be reminded that as a general rule, a gift of appreciated property (long-term capital gain property) is deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income, and a gift of cash is deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income, with a five-year carryover for any “excess.”  In all cases, please consult your tax advisor regarding the tax, financial and practical implications.

 If you need or desire assistance with a planned gift to Heart for Lebanon, professional counsel is available.  For further assistance, please contact the US Office at

Thank you for investing.