Food & Hygiene Portions: Caring physically for these families is often the first step through which we are able to connect with them and begins a relationship that allows us to invest in their lives on a deeper level.

Every month, Heart for Lebanon distributes food & hygiene packages to Syrian and Iraqi refugee families. These monthly distributions allow families to have their basic physical needs met. These portions include food items to sustain them nutritionally as well as hygienic items that are vital to their basic health and hygiene.

We provide these portions, thanks to investors, to all the families regardless of religion or personal belief. We only insure that these families fit the vulnerability criteria and are indeed truly in need.

Special Distributions: On an annual basis, Heart for Lebanon does a Winterization distribution. These distributions take place only for newly arriving Syrian and Iraqi refugee families and include carpets, winter clothing, blankets, mattresses and heaters. The winter season in Lebanon is harsh and many of the people we serve are living in conditions that are ill equipped to provide substantial protection from the elements. Heart for Lebanon also makes special distributions throughout the year, many in partnership with national and international organizations. These include:

  • Health Care for children
  • Shoes
  • Boots for the winter season
  • Emergency Distributions

Spiritual Care: We most often, begin our service to refugee families and the local Lebanese population with practical, physical relief and community care. But another vital area of care is spiritual.  As a part of Heart for Lebanon’s holistic care ministry we also support these families through regular Bible studies, Discovery Bible studies, monthly spiritual gatherings, and personal home visits by the Heart for Lebanon team. Currently, Heart for Lebanon is providing the following spiritual care to the families we serve:

  • Iraqi Men’s Bible Study & Monthly Program
  • Iraqi Women’s Bible Study & Monthly Program
  • Bible Study for Armenian Christian Syrian Refugees
  • Bible Study for Syrian Refugees
  • Bible Study for Bedouin & Gypsy Girls
  • Bible & Christian Literature Distribution (including audio Bibles)