Relief & Community Care is Heart for Lebanon’s entry into the lives of refugees offering unconditional lifesaving relief and care for the community where they live. The people we serve are living at or below the extreme poverty line, causing a multitude of insecurities and fears.  Transactional relief takes the form of food and hygiene product distributions.  In this act we address the physical needs of the whole family.

Heart for Lebanon distributes monthly food and hygiene portions to Syrian and Iraqi refugee families, Christians and Muslims alike. The portions include supplemental food items to go with other fresh food items families need to secure on their own.  Our food portions are given to the families, regardless of religion or personal belief – we only ensure that these families fit the vulnerability criteria of living below the $4 a day extreme poverty level. By providing food each month we help families become food secure, giving them one less thing to worry about in a nation that does not recognize their legal refugee status.  As different needs arise, we provide special distributions in the form of kitchen items, plastic sheeting, heaters, winter clothing, blankets and mats to offset the harsh living conditions and the brutal winter weather they encounter in the country of Lebanon.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, cloth yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Colossians 3:12

Food & Hygiene Portions: Caring physically for families is often the first step through which we are able to connect with them and begin a relationship that allows us to invest in their lives on a deeper level.  Every month, Heart for Lebanon distributes food & hygiene packages to Syrian and Iraqi refugee families both Christian and Muslim. These monthly distributions allow families to have their basic physical needs met. These portions include food items to sustain them nutritionally as well as hygienic items that are vital to their basic health and wellbeing. We provide these portions, thanks to investors, to all the families regardless of religion or personal belief only insuring that the families fit the vulnerability criteria and are indeed truly in need.

Transformation through Hope

Relational engagement addresses the emotional and spiritual needs of families. This is accomplished primarily through periodic home visits, faith-based programs and children’s activities. It is through these actions that authentic relationships are built and we are able to share the love of Jesus Christ.  It begins with caring about all facets of the person: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Transformation begins after a relationship has developed. At this level, Heart for Lebanon provides spiritual and vocational resources to individuals and families. These resources allow them to become familiar with and engage in fulfilling work and sustainable spiritual growth.  As a faith-based Christian ministry, Heart for Lebanon takes a holistic approach working to address the emotional and spiritual needs of families through regular visits to their tent settlement offering prayers and encouragement and providing faith-based programs including Bible Studies and children’s activities, all leading to the building of lasting and authentic relationships.

While we believe that transactional relief and humanitarian aid are extremely important to the wellbeing and future of those in need, we also believe that relational engagement with those we serve sets the stage for trust and transformational conversations about deeper life issues, including spiritual beliefs.  Conversations are vitally important in any culture and this is especially true in the Middle East.