The refugee children we serve are at risk!  Most refugee children from Syria are living at or below the extreme poverty line in Lebanon. In order to bring them hope – Hope in Jesus Christ, we minister to these children with two main programs:

Hope on Wheels is a mobile truck that travels from tent community to tent community, from our Hope Centers to church parking lots, offering children an opportunity to have fun, to play in a safe environment and to enjoy being children.  Children are taught Biblical principles as well as personal hygiene through fun and entertaining programs. So many of the children we serve have lost the freedom of childhood, Heart for Lebanon desires to see hope restored in them.

Our H.O.P.E. Educational Program allows children, ages 5-13, the opportunity to learn basic Arabic, English, math, science, art and music as well as character development lessons based on biblical principles.  Most of these children, regardless of age, have been out of school for several years and would not be able to afford school or even have access to an education. H.O.P.E. Educational Programs provide this critical piece of the children’s ministry.

In addition to caring for the children with basic education, we provide English lessons and personal one-on-one encouragement for the children’s mothers.  Currently we have 300 students in our H.O.P.E. Educational Program located in three areas:  Beirut, Bekaa Valley and Southern Lebanon. Most of our children’s families also receive food and hygiene portions each month.

Spiritual Care

In addition to caring for our children with basic education, we also provide chapel, Bible, and Biblical Character Formation studies as part of Heart for Lebanon’s holistic care ministry. Spiritual care also takes place for mothers through Bible studies, special gatherings, and personal visits by the Heart for Lebanon teachers.  While we cannot create normalcy for these families, we can help them grow and, more importantly, feel a sense of normal life with hope.